10 Apr
Critical Cartographies – Dot Dash 3 Gallery

DAVID SPRIGGS CRITICAL CARTOGRAPHIES DOT DASH 3 GALLERY April 4-June 4, 2013 Critical Cartographies is the premiere exhibition revealing the two-dimensional cartographic studies of the Canadian/UK installation artist David Spriggs. The work of David Spriggs lies in a space between two and three dimensions. His installations use multiple painted layered images in space to create

07 Sep
NYC Exhibition: David Spriggs – Blue

DAVID SPRIGGS: BLUE October 12, 2012 – November 3, 2012 Opening Reception: October 12, 6-8 pm Residency Unlimited and the Abrons Arts Center are pleased to announce the first solo exhibition in New York by Montreal-based artist David Spriggs. For the last decade, Spriggs has been examining the particular symbolic, perceptual, social, political, and historical

16 Jul
New Website

Welcome to the New Website: Updates include: – completely redesigned website – new images added to all projects – texts, video, and images for a specific project now appear together on one page – website now functions on all devices – website re formats to all screen sizes – slideshows are swipe sensitive on touch