Perceptible Consciousness

122 x 96.5 x 74 cm / 48 x 38 x 29 inches
White acrylic paint on layered transparent film, display case, metal stand springs, lighting.

My interest in clouds and atmospheric phenomena is not one so much of learning about them as natural phenomena, but rather an interest in their symbolic nature and representation. The cloud is an ephemeral form, without boundaries, and in constant change; interesting properties that in the context of history of art find affinity with Futurist theories and certain concepts of the light and space artists of the 60/70′s on the nature of space and form. In the digital world, the cloud has become the prime symbol of information, while in psychology it symbolizes our consciousness. The cloud as a symbol then gives a conceptual dimension to an otherwise abstract space; that of wires and data channels, neurons and pathways. The relationships between information and consciousness, chaos and order, motion and stasis, and between form and space, are the subjects of ‘Perceptual Consciousness’. [David Spriggs]



Photo Credits: David Spriggs
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