947 x 685 x 442 cm.
Acrylic on transparent film, framework, lighting. 3D installation at Trafačka, Prague, Czech Republic.


‘Red’, the most recent work by Canadian/UK artist, David Spriggs, is the latest installment of the artist’s exploration into colour. In his work, Spriggs examines the particular symbolic, perceptual, social, political, and historical connotations attached to individual colours. The tradition of the monochrome is considered in the artist’s chroma-centric practice.

With ‘Red’, at first glance, the viewer is given the impression that they are looking at a massive cloud of red colour suspended in space. The colour itself is objectified. Upon further reflection is the notion of the ephemeral nature of a colour which appears to change as the viewer navigates the work. The installation, designed in particular for the Trafacka Hall, fills the expanse with majestic power not simply by its scale, but also by immersing the hall in its vibrant red glow. Making use of the impressive height of the hall, ‘Red’ is intended to be viewed from multiple levels and angles within the space. The three-dimensional aspect that is characteristic of Spriggs’ work is transformed in this piece, into an examination of colour-through-space.

The historical tradition of red as a symbol for blood and the physical body can be paralleled to the building of Trafacka, whose ‘life expectancy’ and possible destruction ever hangs in the balance. In keeping with the history of graffiti culture of Trafacka, ‘Red’ is created using spray paint on layered and hung sheets of transparent plastic film. One also cannot ignore the social and political symbolism of the colour red and its allusion to revolution.

Text by Heidi Schmeiser




Photo Credits: David Spriggs